MULLing with Ilá Coimbra


Ilá has been a teacher for over 12 years. After graduating in Languages from Universidade de Sao Paulo, she lived in Ireland, where she obtained her Cambridge English CAE & CPE. She currently teaches adults, especially preparing them for exams such as IELTS and CAE, and she’s also a teacher trainer at SEVEN Idiomas in São Paulo. As part of her professional development, Ilá has obtained the CELTA and ICELT and is taking a TESOL Diploma in 2016. Here she shares her MULLing experiences with us.

How long have you been a member of the MULL group?

I can’t actually say precisely, but I believe I joined the group in its first months, just some months after BRAZ TESOL Conference João Pessoa…. That would be… a year ago, probably.

Where do you usually take photos for the group? What kinds of photos do you take?

I take them in my hometown – Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I’ve taken photos in pretty much every city I’ve visited in the last year. I simply adore menus – the effort (or lack of) that is made to convey what the dish is really draws my attention. I also love the puns and word plays, but I can’t find them very often here in Sao Paulo.

What do you use to take photos (e.g. smartphone or camera)?

Smartphone! It’s easier and faster to upload from it.

Have you learnt anything about language through taking photos for MULL?

Not from my photos, but from other members’ posts absolutely. And the comments are a unique part of the linguistic landscape themselves.

Have you had any interesting experiences along the way?

Maybe not that interesting because I believe that most MULLers have been there, but more than once I got a little late somewhere because I had stopped to get a photo. Also, I’ve already got off the bus/subway some stops before just to shoot something interesting.

Can you tell us about a memorable photo?

The one I took in a hostel in my first hours in London. It said “Put down that map and get…wonderfully lost”.

It was April this year and I remember that I was absolutely ecstatic about being in London for the first time, about going to IATEFL for the first time and I had just bought the map of the city. I used a map to get to the hostel in which my friend was staying, because we were going to meet and get a train to Manchester together. It was a beautiful sunny day, and when I got to the hostel, I ordered a pint and sat just beside that sentence. It was a lyrical moment.

What do you like/dislike about the MULL group?

I really like the clarification that most members (especially Natália Guerreiro!) give when they’re posting or even commenting something in their language. It’s culturally interesting and relevant.

Thanks Ilá!