How to Use an Image

Providing attribution for Linguistic Landscapes images
New New New Image: MULL by Michelle Holcomb – CC BY 4.0

We have set up all of the photos on our Flickr page to be under a Creative Commons Licence 4.0 International.  Basically, what this means is that you are free to use or modify any of the images, for whatever reason you like, so long as you provide a clear attribution.  You do not need to contact us to ask for permission, because the licence already grants it.

There are many ways you can provide an attribution, depending on the format of your work.  It does need to be near the image, so it could either be just under it or at the end of a text that includes the image.

How you construct the attribution is up to you, but if it is on the internet it is generally accepted that you should provide a link to the original image, as well as include information about who took at and provide a link to the licence so that future users know what rights they have.

One recommendation for providing attribution is at the top of this page, under the image we have used.  It consists of:

‘New New New’ (Title/Caption): You are free to use whatever title or caption you wish, but it should not suggest that we endorse article

Image: This serves to introduce the attribution

MULL: This is an abbreviation of the Flickr page name mapoftheurbanlinguisticlandscape.  It has had a link added to it so that if anyone clicks on it they are taken to the original Flickr page.

by Michelle Holcomb: This is the name of the person who took the original image

– This hyphen separates the photo attribution from the following Creative Commons licence link

CC BY 4.0: This is the name of the licence and has had a link inserted to take the reader to the web page that describes how it works.

We believe that by working together and sharing our content we can increase our knowledge and have a great time.  We would, however, like to have some credit for the hard work we put into this, so please just add a little attribution to make us feel better about ourselves.



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