How to Submit an Image

Linguisitc Landscapes India submit photos
Don’t be invisible. Image: MULL by Jeanne Perrett – CC BY 4.0

Submitting an image you have found of your linguistic landscape is very simple.  If you are not sure whether the image you have is appropriate for the project then the easy answer is that if you have taken it yourself then it probably is.  However, we have written a page which outlines the kind of things we are looking for.

Once you have decided your image is appropriate there are two ways to submit it; via Facebook or Twitter.


We run an active Facebook group called Mull.  The link is  (note, the link will only work if you are already signed into Facebook).  You will have to apply to join the group, but we accept almost anyone, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  As a member you can add an image at any time you wish.  We only ask for two things with any image:

1. The image has to be yours.  This will mean we don’t fall foul of any copyright issues.  If you find something which isn’t yours, but you think really is pertinent to the group, then please make it obvious.

2. You tell us which city or area you took the photo in.  This will enable us to add the image to our map which you can find here.

3. If the image is not in English you provide a translation or some sort of description.  This is not because we want to impose an English only policy, but we have speakers from many different languages and we generally use English as our medium of communication.  We welcome and encourage images of other languages, but it is a waste of time of nobody knows what the image represents.


If you don’t want to use Facebook, then you can always use Twitter.  Just add the hashtag #mull at the end of your tweet and we’ll find it.  We don’t check this as often as we check Facebook, so it might take us some time, but we’ll get there in the end.  If you want us to find it more quickly, then add our twitter address @Murbll1 so we will be notified.

Every once in a while, depending on how busy we are, we upload the best images to the Flickr page and add to them to the map.

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