Map of the Urban Linguistic Landscape: Want to Get Involved?

Linguistic Landscapes

It’s been a busy few weeks since we launched this site, with news about our new book and then one of us deciding to go on holiday (thanks for that Damian).  So busy, in fact, that we just haven’t had the time to launch the projects we have lined up for this site.

The basic idea is to involve people as much as possible, and as much as you want, in the area of Linguistic Landscapes.  Many people are happy to look at the photos that are posted on the Facebook Group page and Flickr, others actively comment on images people post and debate the meanings of the language, while other people are assiduous in tracking down and finding some brilliant examples of language in the wild.

A few people, though, have suggested they might like to contribute a bit more to this ongoing project.  If you are one of these people then we would like to hear from you.  We are interested in publishing here your thoughts and experiences of the language you see around you.  Some ideas we have had include:

Behind the photo

Tell us about what was going on behind the camera for an image you captured.  Where were you?  Who were you with?  What happened before or after?  Did you get any strange looks or comments from other passers-by?

The one that got away

Tell us about that great image you saw, but disappeared before you could whip you camera out.  Or maybe there was an advert that you passed every day and kept thinking you’d take a photo of it, but then it came down before you got around to it.  We’ll believe you.

I take photos of random pieces of language because…

Why are you interested in taking pictures of words?  What effect has it had on you?  What about your friends and family?

One from the archives

Take a look at the photos we have on Flickr and find one, or more, that you really like for some reason and tell us why.

Connect the dots

Perhaps there are a few photos that follow a similar theme and you’d like to highlight the language use, or the similarities and differences between them.  They could be your own photos or some you have found from the Flickr site.

Something else

These are just our ideas.  If you can think of something else you would like to write about, please just get in touch.  You can find us in the Facebook group, on Twitter, leave a message below this post, you can email us at stephen@tmenglish or or you can check out our About Us page.


Images used on this page

Very good restaurant Image: MULL by Ben Goldstein – CC BY 4.0

There will be haters: MULL by Damian Williams – CC BY 4.0

Yoghurt emotions: MULL by Ilá Coimbra – CC BY 4.0

Pet fantasy: MULL by Damian Williams – CC BY 4.0

Usual person: MULL by Paula Boyce – CC BY 4.0

I wait for answer: MULL by Hana Ticha – CC BY 4.0


2 thoughts on “Map of the Urban Linguistic Landscape: Want to Get Involved?

  1. I just think it’s great! I mean, although i don’t know exactly what comes about because i didn’t read the book yet, i think it is awesome to have people from all over the world in parts of it that maybe i’ll never get a chance to “taste its culture”. We know for a fact that English got and still gets into lives everywhere, what i like to call, ambiguously, as “Culturecrasher”; making part of history even without being asked, but don’t get mad, this is just a word, and if it’s worth the comfort, i invited it to my “party” a long time ago.
    Now, i live it.


    • Hi Rafael. The book is going to be some activites to help teachers bring linguistic landscapes into the classroom. It has all been planned out, we just need to find the time to actually write it.

      I like you idea of a ‘culturecrasher’. Sometimes the unwanted guest turns out to be more than welcome, but at others they can be a right pain. Pretty much sums English up very nicely.


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